Liberal Feminism

Liberal feminism is simply women and men being treated as equals. Some of the main issues of liberal feminism include reproductive and abortions rights, sexual harassment, voting rights, education, affordable childcare and affordable health care. Women should have the same legal rights, job opportunities and education as men. Women working 41 to 44 hours per week earn 84.6% of what men working similar hours earn. Women working more than 60 hours per week earn only 78.3% of what men in the same time category earn.
 Child care is an example of something that Liberal Feminists argue is learned and not innate. This is shown when a man is forced to take care of a child on his own. He is capable of doing so yet, if there is a woman around, it is assumed that she is better at child care so she usually has the most responsibility for the child.
The media still supports the idea that boys should be masculine and girls should be feminine. Being assertive (a masculine trait) is more highly valued than being emotional (a feminine trait). Liberal feminists try to promote a nonsexist socialization to children.